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The afternoon light

is really beautiful at the our new place. I am often not home or simply not paying attention. Its fleeting. Recently I have been chasing, catching up and getting ready for what is to come.

A few shots of Linus chasing the afternoon light yesterday as it reflected though his window in the hallway.

Katalin Gaspar - Oh, how beautiful photos! Linus and the light…it is so very unique as Linus discovers the light with his hands, with his fingers. It looks like they are enjoying each other. Thanks, Dorka.

Alice - A beautiful house, a beautiful little boy and beautiful photos.

When Tiffany and Nate

contacted me through email about their wedding, I had a feeling I really wanted to work with these guys.  I felt like they didn’t make decisions lightly and so I was very happy when they booked me.

Nate got ready in a house by the Marigny, Tiffany got ready at her mum’s house in New Orleans and drove a short way to the family church down the street. We escaped to the Lafitte National Park close by for some photos before heading to the reception in Metairie. I don’t normally get to shoot at so many different locations and it made the day breeze by.

I am so glad I got the chance to work with Tiffany and Nate.

Katalin Gaspar - Well, Tiffany and Nat made the best possible decision asking you to photograph this so very important day of their life. Sure their choice is based on your outstanding professional accomplishments. They must be very happy (and lucky)to have you, to have these photos – an astonishing visual saga which tells everything about their wedding, about their love, about their joy. I have a feeling that you even surpassed their expectation. (I’m curious about the writing covered with the white bow!)


said something to me about this shoot that really touched me and made me really happy. And help me understand something more about my work. She said that somehow the shoot brought her and Eric closer.  She articulated something that I have not been able to express before. That the photos I take are not just about the final product. I talked about this here before, about my love for the process and the work, but not quite this way. To understand not only that something happens between me, my lense and the people I photographs, but that something happens between them too.

Thanks Kristen.

Katalin Gaspar - Yes, what Kristen said about the dynamics of your work is profoundly true. She was able to express the cathartic effect she felt during the creative process. That’s the biggest acknowledgment an artist can get, I think. No wonder that you’re happy and rightly so. It is a privilege to witness the miracle you’re doing with your camera.

There was

something ridicolously effortless  about working with Megan and Braden. From the initial phone calls to the the actual shoot and beyond. Megan approached everything with ease and lightness. I am by nature a complicated person. I have trained myself to uncomplicate things (you see what I mean?).

I felt a lightness during the shoot and looking back at these photos fills me with peace. Thanks for that.

Katalin Gaspar - Oh, the beauty of these photos! Peace and love in their pure simplicity. Thanks for that, Dorka.


of a few weeks and I find myself in a hotel room in Los Angeles.

I picked up my camera twice since photographing the last wedding in December and so here they are. The photos that made memories.

We will soon be back in New Orleans to begin the new year for real. Lots more back posts to come and new project to finish and tell you about.

Hope you had a good beginning too.

Photos from San Francisco and Highway 1.

Alice - Oh wow. These are gorgeous. I’m so excited about my trip down Highway 1 now.

Katalin Gaspar - Oh, thanks Dorka. Linus is so very beautiful. And the landscapes, the plants, the Highway… Sure they are signing the beginning of an amazing, happy and peaceful new year.