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We rolled gently

into 2018. Our meander began sometime in November and feels like its almost coming to a halt. Almost. It felt good to mosey into the Holidays. We had special visitors and we didn’t do much else but spend time at the ocean. Other than resoluting to more of such saunter when and if possible we have intentions of doing a lot of camping this year. In tents, or campers or cabins. We have startedView full post »

The first time I met Zoe

I knew photographing her would be a dream. She looks into the camera with confidence and a willingness to connect. She maneuvers her world with this curious balance of abandonment and caution that brings to mind a much older child, not someone that just turned three. I am simply awed by her. I got to spend 2 hours with Zoe and her parents.  We walked the trails in Torrey Pines State NaturalView full post »

Photographing families

is always very interesting to me. I think of these sessions as an opportunity to see through a window. A window into who that family is right now. Who has a tooth missing; who has a scar from riding a first scooter; who is having a bad day and won’t smile.  This unique afternoon we spend together is precious to me. I want to make photographs that are authentic and real to you. I hope thatView full post »

New York

was the first city I lived in when I arrived in the United States. I have been back there a handful of times in the past 10 years and each time I have left feeing fuller, older and inspired. Yes, I think New York has always been that to me. There is movement in that city and so many stories. In New York I recall stories of my childhood. I was born and lived in Budapest until I was thirteen. IView full post »

Black and White

has always been something of a fascination of mine. Something elusive. Something special. I have watched many of black and while films that have had plenty impact on my life. I have long decided that the only pure black and white images are shot on film. That has now changed. I have just finished a class with The Define School on black and white photography. I still think that film is magic, butView full post »

And here

are Dom and Larry’s engagement photos (wedding follows below:)  View full post »

Dom and Larry

are exceptional people. They are true collaborators. They understand and appreciate the creative process. They trust it and welcome it. This creates a space in which the three of us can float along effortlessly. On this cloud we floated through a wonderful engagement session  (which I will post very soon I promise). By the time I arrived at Chateau LeMoyne on the day of the wedding, we trulyView full post »

This was our drive

for a week in Salk Lake City, Utah. Twice a day. We piled into the rental car and drove up this hill. The kids and I. The ascent was magical. As we got higher everything got whiter. Lighter. Clearer. Watching the snow fall, slow and steady marked the rhythm for the rest of our day. The cold air smelled clean and sharp. Wake up, wake up it said. This is your life, these are the moments you willView full post »

I shoot

film a lot. I shoot it on vacations, when I walk with the kids to school and I take a couple rolls to sessions as well. I love it. I don’t love it because I think its better then digital. I love it because it makes me slow down. I love it because of the mechanical sounds that the little Contax makes when the film is loaded. I love it because my heart feels like its Christmas when I receiveView full post »

This year

already feels like a blur. Possibly its because we never had time to recover from the Holidays and Mardi Gras is upon us in New Orleans. Or I could easily blame it on my children who are as lovely as they are time suckers. On the other hand I constantly want to stop time. I think that would be the super power I would wish for (even over mind reading or being invisible). I would stop time and IView full post »

I knew

Aimee from before and I was excited when she asked me to photograph their engagement. Nicholas I met for the first time at a cafe where we all talked at length about our plans, who we are and what our story is. These kind of portraits are very interesting to me. There is a process and a pace to it that feels very unique. We are all getting to know each other through the lens. Its slow and itsView full post »

The first time

I talked to Cat on the phone I was sitting in my car in front of a coffee shop. I was on my way to getting some work done. I sat in the car for over an hour while we talked about life, work, films, living in Los Angeles, photography and everything else in between. I knew I met my person. We connected again sometimes later when I was in Los Angeles in a place called Auntie Em’s. When CatView full post »

This was my

tiny Mardi Gras experience February this year.  One roll of fast black and white film. Yes, it has taken me that long to get the film developed. Belly full of Sara’s gumbo (and a baby actually) I remember walking down the street and feeling strangely happy and enormous.              View full post »


sees something beyond what we ordinary people see. She sees how things should come together in harmony. How one color can be so much more when it’s together with another. Objects come alive in her apartment and you can feel her touch on everything you see. She handmade and arranged all the beautiful things for her small private wedding. There is a deliberate attention to detail she marvelsView full post »

We are on Vacation.

Its been a week and we are starting to slow down. I am armed with my little Contax and many many rolls of film. Yesterday I stood with Ida on my back, knee deep in ocean (and not in my swimmers) taking photos of Linus catching his last wave of the day. Yes he is surfing. Before we left we had some special visitors. I got the film back yesterday. Here are a few.    View full post »

Ayesha and Tim

are people who work in a big city and have high pressure jobs and when they take a break they take a break. They don’t go to a beach in Florida to vacation they go and climb a really tall mountain somewhere very far. I have always seen them in my mind standing among beautiful things that are not man made. And when they are together you can feel that space between them. That they have beenView full post »

The week

that Kevin has started his movie in Baton Rouge the kids got sick. Of course they did. In between not sleeping and coughing and sneezing they played on this bed. A sense of normalcy returned after I made these pictures. For all of us. View full post »


is a photographer. I love being asked to take photos for photographers. Sharon’s photos already feel so specific to who she is which is really the biggest thing. She has a gentle approach to life and her photos are filled with a sense of deep understanding that is just part of who she is. Charlie makes an impact just sitting in a coffee shop over a cup of tea. He is aView full post »

In between

life that’s filling the fridge with food, getting gas and making sure we wash our teeth as least once a day, I take these random photos with my film camera. It fits perfectly into my black small shoulder bag.  This was my day like exactly. The force of these images is really impossible for me to describe here. I think enough to say, I will never stop.View full post »

My favorite

meeting spot has become this little Italian cafe down the street from me. I lull potential clients with the smell of good coffee and roasted tomato soup. And fine yes, they have these delicious scones as well which are freshly made in the morning. I met Sara and Tommy here last year about 4 weeks after Ida was born. (I remember I was in a daze from lack of sleep and I was sincerely hoping it wasView full post »

On the coldest day

of the year (and this is a fact) I had met June and Matt.  She was bundled up in a warm jacket waiting for me at Morning Call by City Park. Matt was in line getting them hot coffee. They just got married at City Hall. I could feel the residue of emotion. I still remember how ridiculously excited I was to photograph them. They are one of the most authentic people I have ever met. I want theirView full post »

I have

worked with Craig before on a project for and I hoped that we would do it again. This time he wrote this amazing piece about the concept of time and this city we both currently inhabit. New Orleans. I won’t attempt to sum it up for you. Go read the piece here. I shot film for the whole thing and I am so happy. There was really no other way to do it.View full post »


is a force of nature.  She is so interesting and full of life. She emailed me about herself and her story and I wanted to be her friend. I didn’t meet Jon until the wedding day. But through talking with Katie I felt like I knew him. They were easy and effortless together. Their wedding was small and intimate. The day fell somewhere between Christmas and New Years and there was festivity inView full post »