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Yearly Archives: 2012

We are so happy

today. We are spending the last day of the year with very our good friends in Monterey. We had coffee on the beach. I am going to say it again. We had coffee on the beach. I am smiling, can you tell? I often find myself not in the best of moods on the last day of the year. New Years Day has always been a tricky one for me. But today we are where we meant to be. I hope its a good one for youView full post »

The French Quarter

is growing on me.  Yes its can get really crowded and noisy and cars are almost always in the way of a good shot. But. There is time in the afternoon when the light is really beautiful and the colors of the quarter come alive. I am slowly peeling away the layers of this city. I am excited to share my discoveries with you. These are engagement shots of Gigi and Adrian.View full post »


I am thankful that I can do what I love. I can go to work and photograph one of the most meaningful days of a person’s life. Being with Cynthia and Corbin I was reminded again this is an important day. Its an emotional day. Its a beautiful day. Today the simple things metamorphose into webs of stories, tears, a look stolen in the mirror, a hug from a friend. When you get to spend the dayView full post »

I met Amy

for the first time sitting in her kitchen and talking about photographs. I felt an instant connection to her. We met some days later and shot a whole afternoon in the French Quarter and around the river. I loved the quite confidence that both Amy and Rob had about their lives, their future, their togetherness. Work took them to Seattle but we stayed in touch. When she asked me to photograph herView full post »

A little preview

of a wedding I will share with you very soon. Amy and Rob. Classy. Sweet. Genuine.View full post »

I have been thinking

about a new blog. A little different set-up. Photos I take for work. Some of my personal work. Photos of Linus. And this time I will play you some music too. Below are some shots I took with a Canon 45mm tilt shift. [haiku url=”″ title=”Fake Empire”graphical=”true”]   Music:View full post »