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Monthly Archives: February 2013


is New Orleans. I really believe this. I believe that once you understand Carnival you understand New Orleans. I believe this because I am filled with anxiety each time it approaches. You must breath  Carnival, you must eat Carnival – you must be Carnival. I am not ready for this yet (I may never be). Sara Roahen does. I mean she cracked it (the city) and wrote a book about it. Her bookView full post »


met me in her hotel lobby one Friday afternoon to go take some photos while she was here in New Orleans testing out her hair/make up and such. She is a bride to be married soon in New Orleans. I basically couldn’t take my eyes off of her for a while. Striking. Interesting. Beautiful. Strong. Danielle is also a photographer (and an Irish dancer) so she took my gawking in good stride. I hadView full post »


I first saw this red wall I knew I was destined to photograph it. This brings to mind for me a movie that is close to my heart for many different reasons, “Three Colors Red” by Kristof Kieslowski. This seed was planted in my brain (the idea of a couple in front of the red wall) when I first met Asia and Tim at a coffee shop. This engagement shoot was somewhat impromptu but the redView full post »