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I am struggling

to describe what I feel when I look at this photos without too much sentiment. Being a mom I am constantly reminded of the passage of time.  Shoes that don’t fit all of a sudden, fingernails that I swear were smaller last time I cut them, new words and new feelings.

I love that I will always have this memory of Lola Bay’s awesome shoes that she wore that day. And I will look back to that moment, when Tibo pressed his face to the Patisserie window and I will remember that he was Linus’s first best friend.

  • Sara - Those shoes are already too small for Tibo, and the pants (my favorite) too. Thank you for documenting such a beautiful moment in our lives. We were lucky to have you in it, invisible though the photographer may be.ReplyCancel

  • Farah - My eyes have just swallowed a bucket of tears from falling over my cheeks. Thank you for these memories!ReplyCancel

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