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Monthly Archives: April 2013

We first

sat down to meet with Tim and Asia to talk about their wedding at a coffee shop on Magazine Street. There was something about these guys that made me quite emotional. They looked so in love. Tim is from Australia, and having spent many years there I felt nostalgic when I heard him speak. Asia is a med student, driven and passionate about everything. I have gotten to know them a lot better overView full post »


There is always that moment for me as I pick up the camera before a portrait session when I am kind of amazed you are going to let me photograph you. Really? Then we start and somehow the walls fall down and I forget that we just met and all that really matters is who you are in that very moment you decided to step in front of my lens. Reina, Lauren, Leila, Beth, Renita, Duane andView full post »

It was a beautiful day from

beginning to end. Katie and Vincent chose some great locations in New Orleans to spend their wedding day. The orange trees at the Hermann-Grimma House seemed to glow all day (and all night). The Pharmacy Museum with its wonderful old quarter charm transformed the afternoon. And when the sun set over the city and the candles and fairy light lit up the courtyard, it was trulyView full post »