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a wedding is a not easy. But it helps if you have your mum by your side. (Actually if you have your mum by your side everything is easier). I met Piper and Susan at a cafe and continued to meet and work with them throughout the wedding preparations. They make a good team.

Everything happened within the walls of the beautiful hotel Windsor Court. We photographed Piper and Eric first meeting in a space that was simply magical. The sun knew we were coming.

As it goes with all things well planned when its time to let go, its time to let go.

Thanks you Nicole Shibata for 2nd shooting.

  • Nicole - beautiful first look…ReplyCancel

  • Katalin - Beautiful, happy, funny and serious photos of a beautiful, happy, funny and serious wedding. As a wedding should be. But not every photographer would be able to capture the right moments, the so many feelings, the whole process!(Your amazing talent makes your mum very proud of you!)ReplyCancel

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