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said something to me about this shoot that really touched me and made me really happy. And help me understand something more about my work. She said that somehow the shoot brought her and Eric closer.  She articulated something that I have not been able to express before. That the photos I take are not just about the final product. I talked about this here before, about my love for the process and the work, but not quite this way. To understand not only that something happens between me, my lense and the people I photographs, but that something happens between them too.

Thanks Kristen.

  • Katalin Gaspar - Yes, what Kristen said about the dynamics of your work is profoundly true. She was able to express the cathartic effect she felt during the creative process. That’s the biggest acknowledgment an artist can get, I think. No wonder that you’re happy and rightly so. It is a privilege to witness the miracle you’re doing with your camera.ReplyCancel

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