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I couldn’t wait to meet

Sylvia after she contacted me about her wedding. I was curious to meet someone of Hungarian and Chinese descent, as my son also is of similar parentage.  I think I may have stared a little too long at the coffee shop than polite but she was very sweet about it. Jack and Sylvia made perfect sense. Jack is somewhat of a genius in my opinion.  I enjoyed meeting them and photographing them immensely. Sometimes things are easy and the moments come without any effort. Then you know you are in good company.

I found a Hungarian poem I wanted to share with them:


A gyepet nezem,

talan a gyepet.

Mozdul a fu. Szel vagy zapor talan,

vagy egszeruen az hogy letezel,

mozditja meg itt es most a vilagot.


I look at the lawn,

maybe the lawn.

Grass is moving. Or wind or drizzle maybe,

or merely just your existence

moves the world here and now .


Pilinski Janos, Itt es most. (Here and Now)


  • Katalin Gaspar - Yes. Here and now. Itt és most. Forever captured. Sylvia and Jack. How beautiful is the world they are sharing with each other. Thanks for these photos, for these moments, for the joy looking at them, here and now.(How beautiful is the bride!)ReplyCancel

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