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Amy and Gina

love my kid. They are genuinely interested in him. After Linus met them he kept asking about the girls. I know exactly how he feels. Amy and Gina are full of life and love for each other. They laugh easily. They talk about their lives with such openness you can’t help but do the same.

Such a rare and precious gift for me to be part of their story here in New Orleans. I loved every minute of it. The shoot before the wedding in stormy City Park. The rainy wedding day on a hot humid summer afternoon at the rusty Destrehan Plantation. All the tears and all the laughs during the ceremony. Something happened during the party when the second line band rolled in. They began to sing a song, I recall the lyrics ” We are on fire” and watching Amy and Gina lose themselves to the raw sound of this city, the beat of their commitment and loveĀ spreading contagiously throughout the crowd. I felt that moment and I still do. We were on fire. Forever grateful for that to you.

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