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Monthly Archives: December 2014

I tried to look back

and here are some images from the year past. An impossible task. I did this while Ida was trying to sleep. Like I said, impossible. I have been living very much in the moment lately and this was a good and somewhat strange exercise.  It’s what supposed to happen.  Each image takes me back.  (And then the baby cries and I am climbing the stairs already). I am seriously grateful to everyone.View full post »


is my favorite time of the year. The cold air is like candy to me. The light is harsh, crisp and leaves nothing unnoticed. I feel this calling to be outdoors. Literally. Photographing in this light is like a present each time. I have been hanging out in our backyard with the baby a lot and finding any excuse to photograph her. I made Linus stand in this yellow stream of early morning light thisView full post »


In the midst of learning to be a mom of two, the madness of the Fall and me returning to work I received the film I shot during the summer. Looking at the shots was something of a revelation to me. The handful of pictures I made felt like a punch. They were precisely as I remembered it. Linus and his green ninja. He showed it to me that early morning after we have been sick for a while. The magicView full post »