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is my favorite time of the year. The cold air is like candy to me. The light is harsh, crisp and leaves nothing unnoticed. I feel this calling to be outdoors. Literally. Photographing in this light is like a present each time. I have been hanging out in our backyard with the baby a lot and finding any excuse to photograph her. I made Linus stand in this yellow stream of early morning light this morning (bribed him with some hungarian szaloncukor) just so I can make a picture of him. I mean it when I said I love this time of the year.

So when Peggy asked me to photograph her in her wedding dress I didn’t hesitate. We shot at an old cemetery. It felt very peaceful there. We followed the light.  Looking at the photos now makes me smile. It was Peggy, her sister Pamela (best friend, wedding planner, all around extraordinare) and me.


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