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during a shoot I feel myself become invisible. I find myself taking shallow breaths. Its a palpable sense of wanting not to be noticed. And then what happens in front of the lens becomes personal and real. I don’t know the exact moment it happens, but we start talking less and I can’t even hear the clicks of the camera. I don’t mean to make it sound mythical. Its not. But somehow for those few hours I do feel time suspends.

Dana and Charles could not stop looking at each other. They allowed me into their world and I most definitely did my best to observe. That’s all was needed. Dana is magic I think. And it might have something to do with the fact that she is growing a baby. So neither Charles or I could stop looking. I shoot their wedding later this year. I seriously can’t wait.


  • Katalin Gaspar - Oh, but this is the mysterious, timeless process of creation, I think. The creator disappears into the creation – how well did you put it – “during a shoot I feel myself become invisible…” What stays is like a new, modern mythos– a true story told with photos. (Mythos comes from Ancient Greek, meaning “report”, “tale”, “story”. Just looked up on the internet. It fits.)ReplyCancel

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