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My favorite

meeting spot has become this little Italian cafe down the street from me. I lull potential clients with the smell of good coffee and roasted tomato soup. And fine yes, they have these delicious scones as well which are freshly made in the morning.

I met Sara and Tommy here last year about 4 weeks after Ida was born. (I remember I was in a daze from lack of sleep and I was sincerely hoping it was not showing.) They are bright and sharply interesting people. Sara in an artist and speaks and talks about photography with raw honesty. I wanted to work with them so bad. Their wedding is set at the Lakefront Airport which has been an obsession of mine since I shot a music video there last year.

During the shoot here I just remember laughing a lot. I felt really connected to both of them. Tommy’s vulnerability and Sara’s quite confidence in him was really touching. The day was crisp and the light was sharp. That was okay though, it told their story perfectly.



  • Katalin Gaspar - It occurred to me looking through these photos that there must be a magic wand (not just the sharp light or your usual professionalism) or as a secret accessory of your camera or hidden in your pocket? People’ personalities, their relationship, a whole invisible world became visible on these enchanted photos.ReplyCancel

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