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Monthly Archives: November 2015

I knew

Aimee from before and I was excited when she asked me to photograph their engagement. Nicholas I met for the first time at a cafe where we all talked at length about our plans, who we are and what our story is. These kind of portraits are very interesting to me. There is a process and a pace to it that feels very unique. We are all getting to know each other through the lens. Its slow and itsView full post »

The first time

I talked to Cat on the phone I was sitting in my car in front of a coffee shop. I was on my way to getting some work done. I sat in the car for over an hour while we talked about life, work, films, living in Los Angeles, photography and everything else in between. I knew I met my person. We connected again sometimes later when I was in Los Angeles in a place called Auntie Em’s. When CatView full post »