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This year

already feels like a blur. Possibly its because we never had time to recover from the Holidays and Mardi Gras is upon us in New Orleans. Or I could easily blame it on my children who are as lovely as they are time suckers. On the other hand I constantly want to stop time. I think that would be the super power I would wish for (even over mind reading or being invisible). I would stop time and I would sit down and drink a very good cup of coffee with something mildly sweet and read from the piles of New Yorkers building a tower in my living room. Need I go on.

And so in the midst of editing a fantastic wedding I decided to put something together from the work I did in 2015. I looked back to all the shoots and people I met and selected a few photos here to share. When I look at these moments I can recall very clearly almost everything about them. The weight of the air; chasing the setting sun; I can almost feel the pounding of my heart. And so call it as you wish, I feel intensely that time has slowed. Probably not long enough for a coffee break but enough to tell me a story.



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