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I shoot

film a lot. I shoot it on vacations, when I walk with the kids to school and I take a couple rolls to sessions as well. I love it. I don’t love it because I think its better then digital. I love it because it makes me slow down. I love it because of the mechanical sounds that the little Contax makes when the film is loaded. I love it because my heart feels like its Christmas when I receive the scanned images in my email.

Here are some of my shots from last year. You will recognize a few of the players.



  • Katalin Gaspar - Great that you did and keep doing these film-shots – and that you share these forever-moments in this ever changing world. Writing poetry comes into my mind – the physical act of writing down the words I guess is strongly connected creating a really good poem, when your hair stands up on your neck (Robert Graves said something like that about the probe of a good poem) saying it aloud…
    Oh, Dorka, these photos of yours make my hair stand op on my neck…ReplyCancel

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