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This was our drive

for a week in Salk Lake City, Utah. Twice a day. We piled into the rental car and drove up this hill. The kids and I. The ascent was magical. As we got higher everything got whiter. Lighter. Clearer. Watching the snow fall, slow and steady marked the rhythm for the rest of our day. The cold air smelled clean and sharp. Wake up, wake up it said. This is your life, these are the moments you will remember. I reached back and held Linus’s hand and squeezed it. Then I reached back and held Ida’s hand and squeezed it. These are my people.




  • Katalin Gaspar - Ó be gyönyörű! Most elképzelhetem, hogy ott ülök mellettetek… megszorítjuk egymás kezét…látom a hulló hó kristálytiszta fényét s érzem a kezetek melegét…Igen, suttogom magamban, igen.
    Oh, how beautiful! Now I can imagine sitting there beside you…squeezing each other’s hand…I see the glow of the crystal clear snow…I feel the warmth of your hands…Yes, I whisper, yes.ReplyCancel

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