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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Photographing families

is always very interesting to me. I think of these sessions as an opportunity to see through a window. A window into who that family is right now. Who has a tooth missing; who has a scar from riding a first scooter; who is having a bad day and won’t smile.  This unique afternoon we spend together is precious to me. I want to make photographs that are authentic and real to you. I hope thatView full post »

New York

was the first city I lived in when I arrived in the United States. I have been back there a handful of times in the past 10 years and each time I have left feeing fuller, older and inspired. Yes, I think New York has always been that to me. There is movement in that city and so many stories. In New York I recall stories of my childhood. I was born and lived in Budapest until I was thirteen. IView full post »

Black and White

has always been something of a fascination of mine. Something elusive. Something special. I have watched many of black and while films that have had plenty impact on my life. I have long decided that the only pure black and white images are shot on film. That has now changed. I have just finished a class with The Define School on black and white photography. I still think that film is magic, butView full post »