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New York

was the first city I lived in when I arrived in the United States. I have been back there a handful of times in the past 10 years and each time I have left feeing fuller, older and inspired. Yes, I think New York has always been that to me.

There is movement in that city and so many stories.

In New York I recall stories of my childhood. I was born and lived in Budapest until I was thirteen. I remember what a city sounds like; how the hot concrete smells in the summer; eating cherries at a crowded bus stop; the weight of a whole day of walking on my feet.

I photographed Anna and Brian in New York a little while ago. They are vibrant, kind and incredibly interesting people. Their son Max was around 1 years old when I met them. I was so drawn their little unit of three. I felt that bubble they created. It was love and trust and happiness.



  • Katalin Gaspar - Köszönöm. Még sosem voltam New Yorkban – de ezek a képek odarepítettek … Hogy a fantasztikus esküvői fotók hogyan képesek Anna és Brian és kisfiúk, Max boldogság-buborékát és a város hangulatát, ahol élnek, egyszerre az ember szívébe csempészni, nem tudom.
    (Thanks. I’ve never been in New York – but these pictures did let me fly there…How these fantastic wedding photos managed to smuggle into my heart the happiness-bubble of Anna, Brian and Max and at the same time the atmosphere of the city where they live – I just don’t know.)ReplyCancel

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