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The first time I met Zoe

I knew photographing her would be a dream.

She looks into the camera with confidence and a willingness to connect. She maneuvers her world with this curious balance of abandonment and caution that brings to mind a much older child, not someone that just turned three. I am simply awed by her.

I got to spend 2 hours with Zoe and her parents.  We walked the trails in Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve.

I felt there was so much love between these three people. I am excited for Zoe’s story and her journey ahead. I know it will be a good one.



  • Katalin Gaspar - Már régóta nézegetem ezeket a csodálatos képeket. Most értettem meg igazán, mit jelent az ÖRÖKbefogadás (adoption in Hungarian: ~takenFOREVER)…örökkön-örökké tartó szeretetet fogadni, bizalmat és biztonságot adni és kapni…Zoe fantasztikus kislány, szép, kedves, komoly és huncut – ó, és boldog! Így, egyszerűen, mindhárman boldogok. Nagy dolog ez. Köszönöm, Dorka.
    (I’ve been looking these wonderful photos for a long time. Now I really understood the meaning of “adoption” (~”taken forever” in Hungarian)…to pledge love forever and ever, to give and receive trust and security…Zoe is a fantastic little girl, beautiful, lovely, serious and full of fun and life..oh, and happy! They are simply happy, the three of them. It’s a huge thing. Thank you, Dorka.ReplyCancel

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