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We rolled gently

into 2018. Our meander began sometime in November and feels like its almost coming to a halt. Almost. It felt good to mosey into the Holidays. We had special visitors and we didn’t do much else but spend time at the ocean.

Other than resoluting to more of such saunter when and if possible we have intentions of doing a lot of camping this year. In tents, or campers or cabins. We have started a money jar towards our dream camper. There has been no grand revelation other than, that we all like it. Camping that is. And all that comes with it. Smell of a fire burning. Beautiful light. Going days without a shower. Marshmallows. Surf. A general loss for the need to be in control. Ida to wear nothing but underwear all day. First cup of coffee percolated on the fire.

Yesterday I found myself wrapped up in a sleeping bag and day dreaming in a hammock. Kevin hung it up for me just before he left to continue his all day surf on his birthday camping trip in San Onofre. The kids were asleep (one sick one sleeping in commiseration) in the trailer. Its unusual that I am not about something. Truly. It was so foggy I could barely see the tops of the tree. The smell of fog was thick and fell heavy around me. I was thinking of nothing and everything and it felt like I too was slowly drifting into invisibility.

The kids woke shortly and we walked down to the foggy beach.


  • Katalin Gaspar - Köszönöm, kislányom.Köszönlek benneteket, a csodálatos világotokat, az életetek szépségét – lassan, lassan, ahogy nézegetem a képeket, eltűnik a távolság, ami elválaszt bennünket…vagy én tűnök el benne? Nagyon szeretlek benneteket. Azt hiszem, én is szeretek kempingezni…szeretem a ködöt, a függőágyat s benne téged, hálózsákban, és a tengerpartot, Idát a bugyijában és a mosolyát, Linust, ahogy a válladra hajtja a fejét, Kevint, amint jó étvággyal falatozik a tüzön sült fahéjjas kenyérből és elmélyülten nézegeti a könyvet, a kis kezeket a homokban, ott egy lábacska is, a közeledő vonatot és a biciklit, érzem a tüzön főtt kávé illatát…ReplyCancel

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