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First of all,


thanks so much for visiting.

I have to tell you. This part of the blog is the hardest for me. I am not very good at writing about myself.

So. I think I will leave this page to grow as I grow. If you want, check in now and again.

I was born in Budapest and spent most of my formative years in Australia and Los Angeles. I now live in New Orleans. My work as a photographer is constantly changing. I learn after each shoot. I love the process. I work hard for each session, and then when I lift the camera I let it all go. In these moments I really feel like anything is possible. To witness and capture something real.

I am also a mama. My son, Linus is 3. Here is a short video that we made together this month for Kevin’s birthday.

Skye - +++LINUS+++

Barka - Very cute!

Eva Gedeon - What a superb video!!I guess, in addition to putting together the wonderful shots, the music etc., the rest is also your creative work such as the hat, the cake, right???

harriet buckner - awesome video of linus

Marylou Smith - Loved the video of Linus! You captured his essence beautifully.

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