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This year

already feels like a blur. Possibly its because we never had time to recover from the Holidays and Mardi Gras is upon us in New Orleans. Or I could easily blame it on my children who are as lovely as they are time suckers. On the other hand I constantly want to stop time. I think that would be the super power I would wish for (even over mind reading or being invisible). I would stop time and IView full post »

I tried to look back

and here are some images from the year past. An impossible task. I did this while Ida was trying to sleep. Like I said, impossible. I have been living very much in the moment lately and this was a good and somewhat strange exercise.  It’s what supposed to happen.  Each image takes me back.  (And then the baby cries and I am climbing the stairs already). I am seriously grateful to everyone.View full post »