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And here

are Dom and Larry’s engagement photos (wedding follows below:)  View full post »

I knew

Aimee from before and I was excited when she asked me to photograph their engagement. Nicholas I met for the first time at a cafe where we all talked at length about our plans, who we are and what our story is. These kind of portraits are very interesting to me. There is a process and a pace to it that feels very unique. We are all getting to know each other through the lens. Its slow and itsView full post »


is a photographer. I love being asked to take photos for photographers. Sharon’s photos already feel so specific to who she is which is really the biggest thing. She has a gentle approach to life and her photos are filled with a sense of deep understanding that is just part of who she is. Charlie makes an impact just sitting in a coffee shop over a cup of tea. He is aView full post »

My favorite

meeting spot has become this little Italian cafe down the street from me. I lull potential clients with the smell of good coffee and roasted tomato soup. And fine yes, they have these delicious scones as well which are freshly made in the morning. I met Sara and Tommy here last year about 4 weeks after Ida was born. (I remember I was in a daze from lack of sleep and I was sincerely hoping it wasView full post »


during a shoot I feel myself become invisible. I find myself taking shallow breaths. Its a palpable sense of wanting not to be noticed. And then what happens in front of the lens becomes personal and real. I don’t know the exact moment it happens, but we start talking less and I can’t even hear the clicks of the camera. I don’t mean to make it sound mythical. Its not. ButView full post »


said something to me about this shoot that really touched me and made me really happy. And help me understand something more about my work. She said that somehow the shoot brought her and Eric closer.  She articulated something that I have not been able to express before. That the photos I take are not just about the final product. I talked about this here before, about my love for the processView full post »

There was

something ridicolously effortless  about working with Megan and Braden. From the initial phone calls to the the actual shoot and beyond. Megan approached everything with ease and lightness. I am by nature a complicated person. I have trained myself to uncomplicate things (you see what I mean?). I felt a lightness during the shoot and looking back at these photos fills me with peace. Thanks forView full post »


you meet people and you just know. This person will make a change. This person is moving the world along. Its a mighty feeling. Meeting Katharine and Kevin was like that. I must tell you,  I love my job. We met very early at Audubon park. Running is who they are (and being doctors and doing a million things). We finished on the steps of Tulane University. This is were it all began for them.View full post »

Our friends

are getting married. Alexandria Godina and Antero Garcia. Wedding photos to come in September.  View full post »


I first saw this red wall I knew I was destined to photograph it. This brings to mind for me a movie that is close to my heart for many different reasons, “Three Colors Red” by Kristof Kieslowski. This seed was planted in my brain (the idea of a couple in front of the red wall) when I first met Asia and Tim at a coffee shop. This engagement shoot was somewhat impromptu but the redView full post »

The French Quarter

is growing on me.  Yes its can get really crowded and noisy and cars are almost always in the way of a good shot. But. There is time in the afternoon when the light is really beautiful and the colors of the quarter come alive. I am slowly peeling away the layers of this city. I am excited to share my discoveries with you. These are engagement shots of Gigi and Adrian.View full post »