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This was our drive

for a week in Salk Lake City, Utah. Twice a day. We piled into the rental car and drove up this hill. The kids and I. The ascent was magical. As we got higher everything got whiter. Lighter. Clearer. Watching the snow fall, slow and steady marked the rhythm for the rest of our day. The cold air smelled clean and sharp. Wake up, wake up it said. This is your life, these are the moments you willView full post »

I shoot

film a lot. I shoot it on vacations, when I walk with the kids to school and I take a couple rolls to sessions as well. I love it. I don’t love it because I think its better then digital. I love it because it makes me slow down. I love it because of the mechanical sounds that the little Contax makes when the film is loaded. I love it because my heart feels like its Christmas when I receiveView full post »

The first time

I talked to Cat on the phone I was sitting in my car in front of a coffee shop. I was on my way to getting some work done. I sat in the car for over an hour while we talked about life, work, films, living in Los Angeles, photography and everything else in between. I knew I met my person. We connected again sometimes later when I was in Los Angeles in a place called Auntie Em’s. When CatView full post »


three rolls of scanned film arrived. Yesterday I received some terrible news, which I can’t talk about right now. I decided to post some photos I took in the last couple of weeks. Not for work. Not for any real special reason. I think I will make a habit of this. To take photos without any real intention, other than that they happened. I think the power of that is enough for me rightView full post »


In the midst of learning to be a mom of two, the madness of the Fall and me returning to work I received the film I shot during the summer. Looking at the shots was something of a revelation to me. The handful of pictures I made felt like a punch. They were precisely as I remembered it. Linus and his green ninja. He showed it to me that early morning after we have been sick for a while. The magicView full post »