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We are on Vacation.

Its been a week and we are starting to slow down. I am armed with my little Contax and many many rolls of film. Yesterday I stood with Ida on my back, knee deep in ocean (and not in my swimmers) taking photos of Linus catching his last wave of the day. Yes he is surfing. Before we left we had some special visitors. I got the film back yesterday. Here are a few.    View full post »

The week

that Kevin has started his movie in Baton Rouge the kids got sick. Of course they did. In between not sleeping and coughing and sneezing they played on this bed. A sense of normalcy returned after I made these pictures. For all of us. View full post »


is a photographer. I love being asked to take photos for photographers. Sharon’s photos already feel so specific to who she is which is really the biggest thing. She has a gentle approach to life and her photos are filled with a sense of deep understanding that is just part of who she is. Charlie makes an impact just sitting in a coffee shop over a cup of tea. He is aView full post »

On the coldest day

of the year (and this is a fact) I had met June and Matt.  She was bundled up in a warm jacket waiting for me at Morning Call by City Park. Matt was in line getting them hot coffee. They just got married at City Hall. I could feel the residue of emotion. I still remember how ridiculously excited I was to photograph them. They are one of the most authentic people I have ever met. I want theirView full post »


fairy tales do come true. A princess and her prince.View full post »

After meeting Blaire and Mike

at Il Posto coffee shop in New Orleans, I felt an instant connection to them. I was also a little nervous. Blaire is the kind of person who makes you want to be better than you possibly can. She simply believes. Believes in people and I think believes that everything can be –  well, good. We started at the Windsor Court where I was happily surprised to find a room full of women hanging out,View full post »


I rarely get to photograph families these days. This was special. They were special. Darcy, Christopher and Elliot. “Run Elliot Run” by Darcy and Christopher [audio:|loop=yes]View full post »

We are so happy

today. We are spending the last day of the year with very our good friends in Monterey. We had coffee on the beach. I am going to say it again. We had coffee on the beach. I am smiling, can you tell? I often find myself not in the best of moods on the last day of the year. New Years Day has always been a tricky one for me. But today we are where we meant to be. I hope its a good one for youView full post »