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is one of the most impressive people I have met.  She makes things happen. She understands people in a way that’s unique to her.  And the people respond to that.

Jessica planned an impressive wedding.

She also understood me. A couple of weeks before the wedding we were diving around together looking for locations to shoot her photos with Chris. I had my eye set on this rusty garage door for so long (way too long and never found the right couple to shoot with there). She immediately called it. That’s how it is with her.

Katalin Gaspar - Well, Jessica’s wedding was very impressive, as she planned and these photos about it are impressive as well. The rusty garage-door in astonishing contrast with the grandeur of the church is a splendid choice! Love also how you managed through capturing the little details (e.g. the sleeping child, the little curly haired girl in front of the whirl of the dancing people, the funny expressions on people’ faces, etc.) to give additional charm to the whole. Romance and amusement, seriousness and fun are in a superb balance. Well done!

Alice - I love the sleeping child! And the garage door! Always such a treat to find a new post from you.

I took a day

off work and we went to the beach. It has become some type of tradition in our family that we end up at the beach on birthdays.  We needed that clarity today. You know the kind where you are okay with drinking cold coffee out of a paper cup and don’t care how cold your feet get walking in the wet sand.

Katalin Gaspar - Thanks, Dorka, for sharing these beautiful pictures, these precious memories of love. I feel like I am there walking in the sand, looking at the ocean with Linus, Kevin and you.

Sara - These photos make me feel so calm. I wish I had been there.

It has been

a momentous few months for me. Both personally and professionally.

There are times when during a shoot I find myself so connected to what I am photographing  - its clear why I love what I do. I love the process. I love the part when I see something through the lens, a look, a touch, rain falling – and I hear the mechanic sound of the click. That click makes me happy.

Photographing Amanda and Gary was that. Amanda standing in the rain at the Botanical Gardens will always be in my memory.

Thanks guys again and again.


Sarianna - These are so amazing! Bought a tear to my eye. Very well done! -from a friend of A & G

Sara - Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Nicole - just when i thought you couldn’t get any better…you blow me away! miss you, dorka…


is meant to be photographed. She moves and finds the right light instinctually.  She creates possibilities and as a photographer this is the best thing you can ask for.

We took these shots for her new record. You can find her here: Listen to her music here:

Make up by Erin Alexander / Stylist: Artemis Antippas

Katalin Gaspar - Yes, Alexandra meant to be photographed – by you, Dorka. You managed to compose a series of photos capturing her buoyant and also somehow down-to-earth personality as she was singing her songs… Multidimensional, full of surprises and the balloons! I guess they are sort of symbolizing the release of her new record…it is so beautiful as they are flying up from her hands, from her soul.

Sara - These are amazing. I feel like I know her now. I wonder which she chose for her CD…


is so beautiful to me. In New Orleans it takes on a special meaning for so many reasons. For me it brings with it a light and clarity and photographing this is pretty special to me.

The day I met Melinda and Eric the rain started in the early hours of the morning and it did not look like it was going to let up. I bundled myself up, put on my rain boots and drove down to the little place they were staying at in the Merigny.

I loved every minute of the shoot. We spoke the same language and we listened to the rain. It was light and there was clarity. Thank you for that.

Katalin Gaspar - It is so good that the day was a rainy day! The photos – besides the usual characteristics of your exceptional talent and professionalism – have an additional special quality. The amazing beauty of the rain highlights the happiness of these two beautiful people. Well done, Dorka.