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Some things

are just meant to be. It felt that way the moment I met Rebecca and Steven at a coffee shop in Uptown. First of all Rebecca’s smile is contagious. She exudes happiness. But below that and below the story she told me of how they met, I recognized what I saw in her. She found someone to spend the rest of her life with. Its that simple. (You know the song by Nina Simone, Feeling Good?View full post »

Alexandria and Antero

are the kids you wanted to sit with on the bus riding to school. But they are also the kids that were kind to you when you felt miserable and hid in the library for lunch. They are special people and they are my friends. And this is their wedding day. Location: Redondo Beach, CAView full post »

Sabrina and Alex

eloped to New Orleans on a hot hot summer day. They are from Canada. Somewhere beautiful and green and rural where they are building their dream home. They braved the heat and the drive and got married at the Algiers Court House across the Mississippi. In the quiet of that courtroom promises were made. I was there and I felt it – the moment everything just felt lighter and better.View full post »


a wedding is a not easy. But it helps if you have your mum by your side. (Actually if you have your mum by your side everything is easier). I met Piper and Susan at a cafe and continued to meet and work with them throughout the wedding preparations. They make a good team. Everything happened within the walls of the beautiful hotel Windsor Court. We photographed Piper and Eric first meeting in aView full post »


you meet people and you just know. This person will make a change. This person is moving the world along. Its a mighty feeling. Meeting Katharine and Kevin was like that. I must tell you,  I love my job. We met very early at Audubon park. Running is who they are (and being doctors and doing a million things). We finished on the steps of Tulane University. This is were it all began for them.View full post »

Ciel Rouge

We shot these in the Marigny which is my new favorite part of town. I feel like this place is filled with so many stories and secrets. Its the kind of place where you want to feel like a local but it will make you work for it. You will get a few stares when you walk down the street with your camera hanging on your neck and asking the kind of questions that will reward you the “how long haveView full post »

On a decidedly

cloudy afternoon I drove down to the Merigny to photograph Tiffany and Mike on their wedding day. I love clouds. They move with such certainty. They offer the most unexpected light for a photographer. Then there is always that moment when the sun will peak out against all odds and light transforms into something beautiful. A present really. Their wedding, their persons were very much like that.View full post »


about the way the afternoon light hit the side of this building made me stop and take a shot of it. I am glad I did. It makes me happy to look at it again.View full post »

Austyn and Jonathan

got married on a farm in Mississippi. There was a beautiful house. A shimmering lake. A magical path lined with trees. Austyn and Jonathan are both artists. I visited them in their house once and I loved how they walked me through their work and their projects – as it was an integral part of the living room, an extension of the kitchen. There is a serious partnership here. I am excited forView full post »

There is always a story

to tell. I am listening to this now more and more. I am committed. A few weeks ago I spent the afternoon with Alison and Joe. They came to New Orleans to renew their wedding vows. I understood them from the moment Alison emailed me about looking for a photographer. For parents of small children, getting away is a big deal.  This was a big deal. Love is big deal. I am so glad I was there.View full post »

After meeting Blaire and Mike

at Il Posto coffee shop in New Orleans, I felt an instant connection to them. I was also a little nervous. Blaire is the kind of person who makes you want to be better than you possibly can. She simply believes. Believes in people and I think believes that everything can be –  well, good. We started at the Windsor Court where I was happily surprised to find a room full of women hanging out,View full post »


I rarely get to photograph families these days. This was special. They were special. Darcy, Christopher and Elliot. “Run Elliot Run” by Darcy and Christopher [audio:|loop=yes]View full post »

Geoff Clapp

is a drummer with some big plans for the summer. Check out this video we made together to raise money for his wonderful project. More info at www.geoffclappdrums.comView full post »

On Saturday morning

when Nathalie and Larson were getting married I woke to mist and perfect cloud cover. It stayed that way all day. It was lovely. Audubon Park felt luscious and mysterious and beautiful. Reception was at the Audubon Zoo among creatures of the Louisiana swamp. Fun fun fun.View full post »

We first

sat down to meet with Tim and Asia to talk about their wedding at a coffee shop on Magazine Street. There was something about these guys that made me quite emotional. They looked so in love. Tim is from Australia, and having spent many years there I felt nostalgic when I heard him speak. Asia is a med student, driven and passionate about everything. I have gotten to know them a lot better overView full post »


There is always that moment for me as I pick up the camera before a portrait session when I am kind of amazed you are going to let me photograph you. Really? Then we start and somehow the walls fall down and I forget that we just met and all that really matters is who you are in that very moment you decided to step in front of my lens. Reina, Lauren, Leila, Beth, Renita, Duane andView full post »

It was a beautiful day from

beginning to end. Katie and Vincent chose some great locations in New Orleans to spend their wedding day. The orange trees at the Hermann-Grimma House seemed to glow all day (and all night). The Pharmacy Museum with its wonderful old quarter charm transformed the afternoon. And when the sun set over the city and the candles and fairy light lit up the courtyard, it was trulyView full post »


Craig asked me to document his artwork I wasn’t sure what to expect. One afternoon, a little before my NY trip, I went to visit him in his studio to talk about the job and make plans. As soon as I saw his space and his work and his crazy beard I was like let’s make a movie about you and your branches. We scaled back. He cut his beard. We made this little movie. Check it out. CraigView full post »

We picked

the windiest day of the year to take the Algiers ferry across the river to take some pre-wedding portraits. And we did this at the crack of dawn. Austyn and Jonathan came prepared and ready for the adventure. They will be getting married on a beautiful farm in Mississippi (not at dawn). I look forward to sharing those photos with you soon!View full post »

I am struggling

to describe what I feel when I look at this photos without too much sentiment. Being a mom I am constantly reminded of the passage of time.  Shoes that don’t fit all of a sudden, fingernails that I swear were smaller last time I cut them, new words and new feelings. I love that I will always have this memory of Lola Bay’s awesome shoes that she wore that day. And I will look back toView full post »