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Some things

are just meant to be. It felt that way the moment I met Rebecca and Steven at a coffee shop in Uptown. First of all Rebecca’s smile is contagious. She exudes happiness. But below that and below the story she told me of how they met, I recognized what I saw in her. She found someone to spend the rest of her life with. Its that simple. (You know the song by Nina Simone, Feeling Good? That’s it.)

Their trust and commitment to the story on the day made everything easy.  Our access to the golf course at Audubon Park and catching the last rays of the summer sun was magical. Like I said, some things are just meant to be.

Sara - What beautiful light in the park.

Katalin Gaspar - These beautiful wedding photos! The changing scenarios, the attention for the details and for the whole event – it looks simple but the composition is very clever and communicative. Stunning. Feeling good! Indeed.

Alexandria and Antero

are the kids you wanted to sit with on the bus riding to school. But they are also the kids that were kind to you when you felt miserable and hid in the library for lunch. They are special people and they are my friends. And this is their wedding day.

Location: Redondo Beach, CA

trina - Oh my gosh, if that isn’t the cutest flower boy I have ever seen…..and everything else looks great too.

Katalin Gaspar - Awesome, awesome…like Ally and Andy are. The beauty and the gravity of love, the fun, the exquisite smile of Andy, Ally’s radiance, the scenario, the beautiful, playful decorations, the radiant colours in harmony with the black-and-white, the joy of dancing, the hands holding tightly each other, the celebration of life…oh and Linus and Kevin… everything is there…and like in a magical mirror I can see the photographer as well.

Alice - Dorka these photographs are just stunning. And Kevin and Linus look so handsome in their suits!

Sara - It’s a beautiful wedding, but Linus steals the show!

Charlotte’s Family

Alice - So excited to see this new work – I’m running out of superlatives to describe your photos Dorka but in lieu of another compliment about how beautiful these images are I’ll just say this – you manage to capture people’s personalities and passions so perfectly.

Katalin Gaspar - Beautiful. More than beautiful. The footprints in the sand… the woman and her children…the sea..You’re an absolutely brilliant woman and mother you know intuitively everything about this wonderful family. These photos are created with such professional excellence that looking at them one goes through a breath-taking spiritual experience. Thanks.

Nicole - breathtaking!

Trina - Wow. Just heartbreakingly beautiful.

Barka - Great pictures!

Sabrina and Alex

eloped to New Orleans on a hot hot summer day. They are from Canada. Somewhere beautiful and green and rural where they are building their dream home. They braved the heat and the drive and got married at the Algiers Court House across the Mississippi. In the quiet of that courtroom promises were made. I was there and I felt it – the moment everything just felt lighter and better.

Katalin Gaspar - Well done! The photos are holding this special “lighter and better” moment – forever.

Barka - Excellent!


Katalin - What an amazing photo! After you’ve changed to a bird…how else could you capture the lambs of the sky as they are grazing together slowly and peacefully well above the earth…