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We first

sat down to meet with Tim and Asia to talk about their wedding at a coffee shop on Magazine Street. There was something about these guys that made me quite emotional. They looked so in love. Tim is from Australia, and having spent many years there I felt nostalgic when I heard him speak. Asia is a med student, driven and passionate about everything. I have gotten to know them a lot better overView full post »


There is always that moment for me as I pick up the camera before a portrait session when I am kind of amazed you are going to let me photograph you. Really? Then we start and somehow the walls fall down and I forget that we just met and all that really matters is who you are in that very moment you decided to step in front of my lens. Reina, Lauren, Leila, Beth, Renita, Duane andView full post »

It was a beautiful day from

beginning to end. Katie and Vincent chose some great locations in New Orleans to spend their wedding day. The orange trees at the Hermann-Grimma House seemed to glow all day (and all night). The Pharmacy Museum with its wonderful old quarter charm transformed the afternoon. And when the sun set over the city and the candles and fairy light lit up the courtyard, it was trulyView full post »


Craig asked me to document his artwork I wasn’t sure what to expect. One afternoon, a little before my NY trip, I went to visit him in his studio to talk about the job and make plans. As soon as I saw his space and his work and his crazy beard I was like let’s make a movie about you and your branches. We scaled back. He cut his beard. We made this little movie. Check it out. CraigView full post »

We picked

the windiest day of the year to take the Algiers ferry across the river to take some pre-wedding portraits. And we did this at the crack of dawn. Austyn and Jonathan came prepared and ready for the adventure. They will be getting married on a beautiful farm in Mississippi (not at dawn). I look forward to sharing those photos with you soon!View full post »

I am struggling

to describe what I feel when I look at this photos without too much sentiment. Being a mom I am constantly reminded of the passage of time.  Shoes that don’t fit all of a sudden, fingernails that I swear were smaller last time I cut them, new words and new feelings. I love that I will always have this memory of Lola Bay’s awesome shoes that she wore that day. And I will look back toView full post »

Our friends

are getting married. Alexandria Godina and Antero Garcia. Wedding photos to come in September.  View full post »


is New Orleans. I really believe this. I believe that once you understand Carnival you understand New Orleans. I believe this because I am filled with anxiety each time it approaches. You must breath  Carnival, you must eat Carnival – you must be Carnival. I am not ready for this yet (I may never be). Sara Roahen does. I mean she cracked it (the city) and wrote a book about it. Her bookView full post »


met me in her hotel lobby one Friday afternoon to go take some photos while she was here in New Orleans testing out her hair/make up and such. She is a bride to be married soon in New Orleans. I basically couldn’t take my eyes off of her for a while. Striking. Interesting. Beautiful. Strong. Danielle is also a photographer (and an Irish dancer) so she took my gawking in good stride. I hadView full post »


I first saw this red wall I knew I was destined to photograph it. This brings to mind for me a movie that is close to my heart for many different reasons, “Three Colors Red” by Kristof Kieslowski. This seed was planted in my brain (the idea of a couple in front of the red wall) when I first met Asia and Tim at a coffee shop. This engagement shoot was somewhat impromptu but the redView full post »


Admission: I also have a lot of work to blog but when he laid down on the mattres and he looked at me and the light behind him was perfect and I have just been reading about this very moment (we can talk about that later) I just had to photograph it.  View full post »

“Don’t you just love

those long rainy afternoons in New Orleans when an hour isn’t just an hour – but a little piece of eternity dropped into your hands  – and who knows what to do with it?” Tennessee WilliamsView full post »

When Tim

first emailed me about his proposal plan I was nervous. It was elaborate. An hour away from busy New Orleans at Oak Alley Plantation I was to disguise myself (as a tourist) and photograph his impromptu proposal to Lynn. We connived a pretty good plan. We discussed some more. We exchanged secret texts. She said yes. About 5 minutes into the shoot it hit me. They were so incredibly happy, so in theView full post »

We are so happy

today. We are spending the last day of the year with very our good friends in Monterey. We had coffee on the beach. I am going to say it again. We had coffee on the beach. I am smiling, can you tell? I often find myself not in the best of moods on the last day of the year. New Years Day has always been a tricky one for me. But today we are where we meant to be. I hope its a good one for youView full post »

The French Quarter

is growing on me.  Yes its can get really crowded and noisy and cars are almost always in the way of a good shot. But. There is time in the afternoon when the light is really beautiful and the colors of the quarter come alive. I am slowly peeling away the layers of this city. I am excited to share my discoveries with you. These are engagement shots of Gigi and Adrian.View full post »


I am thankful that I can do what I love. I can go to work and photograph one of the most meaningful days of a person’s life. Being with Cynthia and Corbin I was reminded again this is an important day. Its an emotional day. Its a beautiful day. Today the simple things metamorphose into webs of stories, tears, a look stolen in the mirror, a hug from a friend. When you get to spend the dayView full post »

I met Amy

for the first time sitting in her kitchen and talking about photographs. I felt an instant connection to her. We met some days later and shot a whole afternoon in the French Quarter and around the river. I loved the quite confidence that both Amy and Rob had about their lives, their future, their togetherness. Work took them to Seattle but we stayed in touch. When she asked me to photograph herView full post »

A little preview

of a wedding I will share with you very soon. Amy and Rob. Classy. Sweet. Genuine.View full post »